Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

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The day of the Magpie! The Australian Magpie, I am told, polled number one bird in Australia. The story was featured in several media outlets. Read HERE

Maggies are very popular in our house and have become regular visitors over the last couple of years. Not having a cat or dog, I have come to value the relationship with our neighbouring birds.

They do get a bit cheeky though. They very quietly sit outside on the BBQ and stare inside until a morsel of food is produced!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

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I find much more serenity in an isolated location. I love the feeling of being one of a few people – away from crowds and all that comes with them. These photos are from North Western Australia. I just love the red dirt and the contrasting colours of buildings and vehicles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

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A couple of days ago I noticed a flower on my new fuchsia plant (a gift from a friend) was about to unfold its petals. I decided to capture that moment. The next day it had transformed into a beautiful flower! Isn’t nature wonderful?