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Finding Balance & Creativity

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Balance / Books / creativity

I have two elements in mind with this post: psychological and physical. One of the things that has scares me a bit about creativity is getting caught up in it! I remember as a teenager making my own clothes. I would get so carried away I could not stop until I finished the job! Sound familiar to anyone? I think it is being “in the flow” where nothing else matters except what is in front […]

On ‘Women in Love’

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DH Lawrence / Uncategorized

While recently reading Women in Love by DH Lawrence I was reminded of a quote by French philosopher Michel de Montaigne: “I am not prepared to bash my brains for anything, not even for learning’s sake however precious it may be. From books all I seek is to give myself pleasure by an honourable pastime… If I come across difficult passages in my reading I never bite my nails over them: after making a charge […]


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Acceptance / beautiful / creativity / lucid dreaming

I have written few posts recently about a book about being in the flow. I have finished reading it now but I have noticed my dreams are being more lucid – meaning that I know that I am dreaming and can actually direct what happens in my dreams. It is a wonderful experience that has happened to me a few times in the past. It is not something I can manufacture. I suspect that the […]

Do you ever think “I can’t do it”?

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Acceptance / Books / emotions / Mindfulness / pressure to perform

I am currently reading “The Confidence Gap – from fear to freedom” by Dr Russ Harris and published by Penguin Portfolio. I bought the book some time ago and read some of it and then left it sitting on the shelf. I have had some confidence issues so I thought I had better read some more. I am getting more out of it this time. I am learning (again) about listening to my thoughts and […]

From blogger to author – an interview with Peter Wells (countingducks)

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You may know Peter Wells as countingducks on Peter has very kindly followed my blog for a while and I always enjoy reading his. Just recently Peter launched a novel called, Living Life Backwards, published by PDMI. Peter kindly agreed to be interviewed about his experience of transitioning from blogger to author. Here are my questions and Peter’s responses below … 1. Have you always enjoyed writing? I’ve always been quietly creative in various formats, and […]

Happy Birthday to me :-)

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I had a great day yesterday celebrating my birthday. We had lunch with some of the family at Broadwater Bar and Restaurant which is just five minutes walk from home. It was great to speak to each of my three sons as well. My husband is always spot on when it comes to choosing birthday presents and outdid himself this year. Since having a WordPress blog for a while now, I am really interested in […]

I hate and love learning

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Study / technology / You must be kidding?

I am under pressure at the moment to complete five tasks for the second assignment in my unit of study – Production, Editing and Design. I have gone past the point of ‘this is really interesting’ to now feeling ‘am I going to live through this process?’ I received my results this morning from the first assignment and I passed moderately well – a big relief. I didn’t say I did well – but I […]