1969 was a memorable year for me

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....


I left school when I was 17. I spent my primary school years living in Channel Street in Cohuna, Victoria. When I started High School we moved to the other end of town to

King George Street. For me it was inconvenient. The Catholic Primary School was closer to King George Street and the High School was across the road from our house in Channel Street. I think my parent’s wanted me to get some exercise!

The move to King George Street coincided with the birth of my first niece and my first nephew and yes, man landing on the moon! It also coincided with the death of my Grandfather. It was July 1969 and my first experience of a family death. I offered to babysit my new niece and nephew while the others went to the funeral. I was pretty scared of death in those days – in a sort of superstitious way – worried about ghosts and that sort of thing. I don’t remember much else about 1969 but the birth of two new family members, the loss of my grandfather and the amazing feat of the Moon landing was enough to keep a 14-year-old girl fully occupied.

I was SENT to a Catholic School (some Irish Catholic ancestors) and remained there for seven years. My family was not religious but had committed to send us to the Catholic School when they married. The school only went up to the seventh year. I started High School in what was called Form 1 and stayed there until I finished Form 5. I was planning to become a nurse but (fortunately for some) that didn’t happen.

I couldn’t wait to leave my small country town and go to the City to live  and work. That was full of surprises for a young, naive country girl. Another story for another day 🙂

Until tomorrow