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What is creativity and how do I get it?

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For a dictionary definition of creativity CLICK HERE I will think about the things I do each day – think about how I could be more creative as in: the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: the need for creativity in modern industry; creativity in the performing arts. My challenge is to learn how to be […]

DP Challenge: Procrastination

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Recently while talking to some people I had just met, I realised how often my lifestyle decisions are based on doing things online. I met my husband online and I am a member of Weight Watchers online. I order my groceries online and buy my books the same way. I have personal Facebook page and business Facebook page plus I have this blog and another business blog. I do online research and read the news […]

Weekly photo challenge: Future tense

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I traveled this road from Laverton to Leonora many times in 2003 while working in the region. I always felt a pang of excitement when I saw this sign post for the Great Central Road. It is one of the most remote highways in Australia! I love to visit out-of-the-way places and this signpost kept willing me to turn the car in that direction.   The Great Central Road is the main thoroughfare through Central […]

Dream catcher

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I dream a lot! I don’t always remember them though. When I am finding life a bit difficult I often dream that I am caught in a flood and that it is about to overwhelm me. When stressed, I often clam up and bury the emotions inside. In order to be “less stressed” I am learning to name my emotions with a technique from “The Confidence Gap” by Dr Russ Harris.”  Amazingly, last night I […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

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Today I look at dreaming from a few different perspectives. I hope you enjoy it! cheers Lorraine PS The hungry little bird in the photos was my pet budgie. It was very cheeky and very sweet! The little boy next to the motor bike is my nephew’s son. My brother’s first grandchild. The hot air balloon is part of a feature at a shopping centre in Melbourne.

Saving for a rainy day…

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I went on a “retreat” a few years ago. It was about accepting “mid-life” – whatever that means! We covered a lot of ground talking about letting go of the past and looking positively to the future. I was on a pretty tight budget at the time. We talked about how we compensate for not being able to afford to do the things we would really like to do. For example we may be sad […]

Watching the sky

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Blog 2012 / You must be kidding?

As a young girl I spent most of my time outdoors. I loved to lie on the freshly mowed lawn and watch the clouds pass by. I could see all types of mythical creatures as they moved quickly across the sky. I remember another time of looking down on the clouds from the top of Mt Buffalo in Victoria. How magical to be ABOVE the clouds. My first few plane flights were a real buzz  […]

Appalachian Trail meets Aussie – a walk in the woods!

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As of today, my son has 6 month visa in America and he will take on the challenge of walking the Appalachian Trail. I am so pleased for him that it has worked out so well. No doubt he will have some challenges ahead but I am sure he is up for it. A few years ago he decided to walk the Bibbulmun Track (for more information on this walk trail see  It goes from Perth to […]

Never too old to learn…

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These past few weeks I have been getting myself organised to start Uni next week. It is exciting and a bit scary too! I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Uni when I left school. I didn’t consider it as an option. When I was growing up the expectation was to: go to teachers’ college to become a teacher go nursing work in an office work in a shop I had no idea what I […]