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Let’s Talk Philosophy: Epicurus

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Epicurus was a Greek philosopher born in February 341 BC. A great deal of what he wrote has not survived. His philosophy was to acquire a happy and tranquil life, free from worry and absence of pain. His School, named The Garden has the distinction of being the first philosophical Greek school to admit women. The basis of his beliefs can be summed as: Don’t fear god Don’t worry about death What is good is […]

The importance of friendship

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I once thought that the philosophy of Epicurus was all about the good things in life – fine dining, good wine and of course, good friends to share it with. I learnt that is not whole the picture. He teaches that we reach a certain level of happiness and satisfaction and then it levels out. For example, if I was to win $1m it would bring me a degree of happiness, however if I was […]

Philosophy for every day

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Philosophy – the study of the principles underlying conduct, thought and the nature of the universe Wisdom – the ability to use knowledge; sound judgement (Websters Universal English Dictionary) I love to read about the great philosophers: Socrates, Plato,  Schopenhauer and Epicurus are some of my favourites. I find it really refreshing to read about their insights and perspectives and I gain new ways of seeing the world and my fellow citizens. Reading philosophy was a life changing experience […]