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25 July 2013

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When it comes to blogging, I am running on empty lately! I am distracted by Facebook. I set up a Facebook page for my business and  I am directing my energies in that direction Naturaliste Business Writing Solutions WA It is not as much fun as blogging and difficult to gauge if I am achieving anything or wasting my time. I find that if I do paid ads I get more ‘likes’ but doesn’t necessarily bring […]

Social networking blunders

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I love social networking however I suspect some of my friends and email contacts may be a little “over” getting information from me. I recently set up a website (through WordPress) for my business and last week I set up a Facebook page as well. I am also active on LinkedIn and that is where the problem started. LinkedIn opened up with my email address and asked for my password and I dutifully supplied it […]

Ten functions I used on my PC today

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1. I checked on FaceBook lots of times to see if there is any news from my son who is on the Appalachian Trail 2. I checked my work emails – I really need to get a life – it is SUNDAY 3. I did some work on my latest assignment – realised I needed to DO the Module before I can DO the assignment!  ouch! 😦 4. I checked and read my emails and […]

I would like to anonymously send someone a gift

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 I have a girlfriend that doesn’t have email. This means that the only time we catch up is by phone once every few months. We don’t live in the same town. My friend is on a disabiliity pension and is reluctant to spend her pension on paying for an internet server, a computer and new software. I would like to buy her an up to date computer, with all the latest software and pay all her […]