Fulminate as much as you like

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I have learnt a new word – it is fulminate. It means to protest strongly against something. It comes from the Latin word fulminare, meaning strike with lightning.

I remember a time when I fulminated against a child being removed from her foster parent, just because of a newly introduced policy in the Child Protection Department.

It seemed so unjust and foolish to move the child from an environment where she was happy and doing really well in all aspects of her life. The natural mother of the child chose the foster parent herself and was happy with the arrangement as she had lots of access to her daughter.

The little girl was forcibly relocated to a remote community to  be with her extended family. She was only there a short time and became ill due to the poor living conditions in the community.

The mother and foster-mother sought my help to lobby the Minister in charge of this area. The local MP wanted to support the hard-line of the Department and we had a boisterous discussion where I fulminated against his ideology and his unwillingness to see common sense. The welfare of the child was sure to suffer in this situation.

It is not very often that I get that animated and express my views in such a strong way. It was a very complex situation, but it could have been very simple if politics hadn’t got in the way.

I believe that laws and government policies must add some value to our lives and each situation deserves serious consideration to ensure that the outcome is the most positive one.





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