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Wise Words

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I saw this quote on Facebook and I think it  suggests a well balanced approach to life. However, I haven’t always followed this guidance and sometimes I reaped the negative consequences the quote suggests. I have tended to do almost anything for peace and harmony in my life but now I realise I mustn’t lose myself in the process. Some lessons take a life time to learn. I hope I am not being naive in […]

Life’s lessons

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I have heard the following expression at various times in my life. Are you familiar with it? ” Whatever or whoever is in front of you is your teacher.” It is not always easy to remember this when I am in an uncomfortable or awkward situation. Sometimes I might get caught with someone talking about things I don’t believe in. I try to stay silent and listen – after all, they may have some greater […]


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I like to find image quotes online that capture how I am feeling. I came across this one this evening. I often feel like this – some days more than others! I have this vague feeling that I missed out on getting the rule book handed out at birth :-). At least today I can accept that is just how I am and not fret about it too much.

Self worth or Ego?

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I was at a meeting the other day and I went along with the attitude of wanting to get involved. I was taken aback by the chair of the meeting – he couldn’t seem to notice I was there. I have grappled with this and wondered whether I was having an issue with my ego (wanting to be noticed etc) and I felt quite annoyed. I offered to take on a significant and time-consuming role […]

Consumers matter

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It has been an interesting year in dealing with purchases and repairs. 1. Washer/dryer was four years old and stopped working properly. Fortunately I had an extended warranty and was given a full refund and then purchased a new washer and dryer. 2. Vacuum cleaner stopped working – out of warranty. I rang the interstate company for advice and they were able to tell me how to reset its computer settings (on a vacuum cleaner?) […]

Our inability to control everything

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Some days I worry about what might go wrong and then I remember that I cannot control everything around me. Even when I plan everything perfectly there is usually something that can throw me off course. When I remind myself of the limits on what I can control, I am able to let go, be more relaxed, and go with the flow. Today I spoke with two people with situations way beyond their control. The […]

What makes a ‘good life’ ?

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I have been reflecting on the ingredients for a good life – what does it take? My thoughts went to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as in the diagram below. In reading about it on Wikipedia I found there is a new theory that has overtaken Maslow’s and it is the Attachment Theory. I am interested in finding out some more about that, but not tonight 🙂 I did a Google search on well-being and also found […]

I am not the only one …

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We had some friends stay over for the weekend and it was lovely chatting and catching up on the news. I found myself saying more than once, …Ha, so I am not the only one who does that(thinks that/fears that etc.). It occurred to me how valuable it is to have friends where we can share these inconsequential things and realise we all have much the same fears, hopes, dreams etc. It is reassuring that […]

Launch of my short story

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I have been absent from WordPress in recent weeks as I worked on finishing my unit of study with Edith Cowan University online. The unit is Authorship and Publication. The main submission for assessment is my ebook, Beyond the Crossing. As it is my first short story I decided to make it available as a free ebook to anyone who would like to read it. With assignments now completed,  I can start preparing for my […]