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Weekly photo challenge: Unexpected

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Claremont Council Fire click here An unexpected fire changes the course of history … A fire destroyed much of the Claremont Municipal Chambers on 19 November in 2010. It was in this building in 1899 that my great-grandfather, James King was elected the first Mayor of the City of Claremont. The photo below was taken in 2006 of me with my two sisters near the foundation stone laid by our great-grandmother. I was shocked to […]

Flights of fancy

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7 posts to go until I reach 500 posts!From 1988 to 1993 I lived in Newman in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. I was successful in winning a position on the East Pilbara Shire Council. It was a great training ground for my future employment plus I had a great time.   Newman is the biggest community in the East Pilbara Shire but it didn’t have a dedicated Council Chamber for meetings. We often […]

Irreplaceable history is destroyed

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Plinky Prompt: A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. How do you feel? Plinky prompt In 2010 I was shocked to hear that a fire destroyed the Claremont Council Chambers and Library. I am linked to the building through a family connection. One of my Mum’s family  traced her father’s and my Grandfather’s (Arthur King) ancestry. I learned that Arthur’s father, James King, was the first Mayor of […]

East Pilbara Shire

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We lived in Newman in the East Pilbara Shire from 1988 to 1993. Below are some photos I have just scanned from my hard copy photos from that time. Included are Newman, Wittenoom, Cue and surrounding districts. The gathering near the plane included Councillors from the East Pilbara Shire en route to Katherine in the Northern Territory for the North Australia Development Conference. We had some great times in the Pilbara. Lorraine    

International Women’s Day – what is important?

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Yesterday, 8 March 2012, I attended a video-conference to listen to a key-note speaker for International Women’s Day. In recent years I twice project managed the State Government’s activities for this event in Perth. It was a big job and it was a team effort. I wrote several speeches for the Minister and coordinated a whole range of events. It was my biggest day in the work year. It seemed really important at the time. Yesterday’s key-note speaker was excellent. […]

Red dirt and Iron Mountains – Living in the Pilbara

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In 1988 I met and married a man from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. He worked as a driller for Mt Newman Mining Co. which later became BHP Billiton, based in the township of Newman. Newman is within the East Pilbara Shire which covers an area of 378,533 square kilometres. The region is known for its rich mining and pastoral industries. It also takes in parts of the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts and the historic […]

I had a good idea once…

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In the 1990’s when I was living in the Pilbara, many things came together for me. I involved myself in the community in the following groups: Newman Community Care Council, Newman Jobmate, East Pilbara Shire Council, the local Anglican Church and the North West Telegraph (regional newspaper – I covered the news for Newman and the East Pilbara Shire). I worked with others to tackle a broad range of social issues in the community, including: unemployment; Indigenous […]

Do it anyway! Don’t worry about the FEAR!

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WordPress suggested I might like to write about my three biggest responsibilities! That got me thinking. I could be clever and say “bringing up three sons” – THE END Yes, being a parent is a big responsibility for sure.  When my first son was born (I was 21 yrs old) I proudly brought him home in his red and white carry basket; placed it on the kitchen table and said to my husband, in terror … “what am […]


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Image via Wikipedia Early in the 1990’s I started a Newman (Pilbara Region) group of ITC – International Training in Communication. It was great fun! From memory, there were at last half a dozen of us who met on a regular basis to improve our public speaking skills. I was particularly interested as I had recently been elected as a Shire Councillor for the East Pilbara Shire Council. I was the only woman and there […]