Weekly photo challenge: Background

april14 001 IMG_0935Oops! I didn’t mean to include myself in the background when I took these two photos 🙂


DSC00627In 2008 I went to Ireland in search of the land of my ancestors. I was looking into their BACKGROUND. The building behind me dates back to the 1100’s – WOW!


DSC00509I don’t think it will be too difficult to guess what is in the background in this photo.


DSC00580 DSC00571If you ever do a bus tour of the Tower of London, make sure you make a mental note of the background where the bus drops you off. I didn’t and then missed the return bus! Fortunately I found my way back to the hotel 😉


DSC00495For an Aussie girl who enjoys writing I couldn’t resist taking this photo with No.1 Fleet Street in the background.






An aerial view of the Tower of London as seen ...

An aerial view of the Tower of London as seen from the SwissRe Tower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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My first and only trip to London was in 2008. I loved every minute of it. I was really taken with the AGE of the place and the history. I’ve included a few of my favourites from the trip. I am experimenting with some new features on the blog – I hope you will bear with me while I learn. I am one who learns best by experimenting. I am not so keen on reading instructions :-). I liked some of them so much that I included them twice 😉

They include the Royal Courts of Justice, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London…