Weekly photo challenge: Achievement

demographics 001 (Copy)I made the above picture (with cloth, glue and cardboard + butterflies) as a way of expressing the importance  of that time in our lives beyond 45 years of age.

The bottom purple rectangle represents our youth up to around 21 years old where we are in a phase of learning about ourselves and the world around us.

The cream rectangle with three gold butterflies represents the years from around 21 to around 45 years. These are usually very productive years for most people – hence the gold butterflies.

The blue rectangle represents that span of our lives from around 45 years to around 80. This is a time when we have a lot of life experience, knowledge and skills – hence the abundance of butterflies.

The top purple rectangle represents those lucky enough to live a long life beyond 80 years.

What I was trying to portray was that the 45-80 years + is a very dynamic phase full of great potential. Notice how this phase is actually bigger than the other three rectangles. I am suggesting a new way of looking at this time in our lives – not of reaching retirement, putting the feet up and waiting for the eventual decline.

This is just my perspective and I would be interested in other people’s ideas and feedback ūüôā

Wasted days and wasted nights

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

object 006 (Copy)

To find a way through the overwhelming confusion, I will usually do a mind map – basically writing down every possible thing that is on my mind. Often I will cover a page and it doesn’t have to be neat. Then I may group some sections together using different coloured highlighters. They may be a group based on topics such as: jobs needing doing in the house, assignments due, appointments to be made or to be kept.

When my page is sorted into chunks I will then put them through the following:





As you would expect, I then deal with the URGENT/IMPORTANT tasks first, taking one at a time.

Another strategy may be to negotiate for more time if you have a legitimate reason. You need to be kind to yourself and not apply too much pressure. By being under pressure and stressed, it will impact on your ability to do the task anyway – it may even block you from getting started.

When all procrastination is out of the way – just put one foot in front of the other and start doing what needs to be done!


Is this book really mind bending?

Post number 496

DSC00475I bought Reality Hunger by David Shields (Penguin) at a News Agency at Melbourne Airport in March this year. The topic caught my attention and I was sold on the reviews! He may be well-known but I had never heard of him before. Here are some of the reviews that got me in…

‘Mind-bending’ THE NEW YORK TIMES

‘Bold, entertaining, contentious. Essential reading for readers and writers’ GUARDIAN

‘Give(s) bourgeois traditionalists a right good kicking’ OBSERVER

‘An invigorating shakedown of the literary status quo: recommended for readers, essential for writers’ TIME OUT, New York

Well, I have to admit I just couldn’t get into it. It is not written like a ‘normal’ book – you know, chapters, paragraphs etc. Maybe I am behind the times. There was one good outcome for me though. After I admitted defeat and was putting it with my other books I happened to notice on the second last page some information about another of his books titled “The Thing About Life is that One Day you will be Dead”.¬†

I found it on Amazon and downloaded it to my Kindle. To my surprise I really enjoyed it! He confronts our mortality in a unique way that is not threatening or negative. I would recommend it ūüôā



A long way from home

Appalachian Trail – I couldn’t resist re blogging my son’s blog today. In March this year he started walking the Trail from Springer Mountain in Georgia and is now getting close to the end of the it – having walked over 1800 miles thus far. It is great following his journey from here in Australia ūüôā


Lakes of the clouds hut

Today I walked most of the ridgeline for the presidential range, a bunch of mountains named after presidents. It was pretty amazing as the second half was all alpine zone so you could see everything.


From Mt Webster. Mt Washington is the tallest peak on the horizon.



From Mt Eisenhower


Me eating Mt Washington from Mt Franklin.


Lakes of the Clouds Hut, while climbing Mt Monroe.


The Lakes of the Clouds, with Mt Washington in the background.


The lake from close up.

Osgood tent site
Today was a very slow day. I got left behind by Veggie and Philly Ben. I may be taking my time a little too much now. But I’m still really tired, and sunburnt for the for time on the trail. Two days hiking through alpine terrain will do that to you!


Mt Washington this morning.



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New Year, new theme and Blog 2012

I must say I feel some loss at the close of the¬†Post a Day 2011¬†Challenge¬†– I¬†fell out of the WordPress nest and I am flapping my wings and hoping for a safe landing. Well, maybe that is a bit melodramatic, but I¬†do hope I will keep in¬†contact with people I¬†engaged with in 2011. The prompts from Daily Post were a good reminder to keep blogging –¬†I really enjoyed the suggested topics too.

I like to change my theme and layout for my blog now and again Рchange inspires me. Does it have same effect on you or do you like to stick with what you know? I guess I like some of both.

I will add a new tag to my posts¬†– Blog 2012 – I hope it will be easy to find in the blogosphere ūüôā Technology continues its exponential growth and I am running to keep pace – I want to keep pace!

Well I have made my personal resolutions for 2012 and they include the following:

1. Focus on my diet and make sure it is healthy. Take vitamins and minerals specifically for me

2. Focus on my exercise ‚Ästthree walks per week for a minimum

3. Imagine a positive and content life in the future (including my partner, friends, family, neighbours, blogging, writing and other interests etc)

4. No pretending, defending or making excuses for myself or anyone else Рbe the real me. What you see and read of me on my blog is pretty much who I am Рwhat you see is what you get :-). I am a bit more conservative in the real world when it comes to telling my stories.

5. Enjoy my new studies and complete the work on time plus get at least a Credit for each unit (but most of all, enjoy it!)

Have a great year for 2012!


Writing goals for this financial year

Yalgoo shire boundary on the Great Northern Hi...

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I love new years! There is something about a new year that makes me want to set goals and start afresh. So here goes…

  1. Aim to blog everyday but at least three times a week
  2. Combine existing blogs of my adventures in outback Australia
  3. Write more stories of interesting experiences in outback Australia
  4. Send at least one compilation of stories to a magazine seeking publication
  5. Compile at least 3 children’s stories using Publisher to send to my two grandsons
  6. Keep up to date with developments in blogging technology and the web in general
  7. Keep reading other people’s blogs
  8. Take more photos that I can use in my blogs 
  9. Learn something new about writing –¬†read or attend a class to stretch my skills
  10. Dare to be different – develop my own style or voice!

Happy New (Financial) Year!


Why am I doing this?

English dialects

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With the end of June fast approaching, I am drawn to consider my commitment (or lack of commitment) to blogging.

Some stats:

  • My best day was when I had 63 people view my posts
  • My worst two days were when I had zero views
  • I have written 116 posts in 176 days – that means I missed 40 days of blogging
  • I¬†received 51 comments from fellow bloggers – all of them were much appreciated

We are nearly half way through 2011 and I am confronted¬†with WHY am I doing this? To start with I wrote just so that I could write. It didn’t worry me if no-one read it. I took the opportunity to write-up¬†many of my¬†adventures around Australia¬†or just took the opportunity¬†to express some of my¬†thoughts and beliefs.

The next phase was a “getting to know you” other WordPress¬†bloggers out there.¬†There are so¬†many interesting people with some great writing and storytelling skills.¬†It feels like being part of the so-called “global village”. I find it interesting when I consider the differences in our countries and even in our use of the English language – spelling especially. I don’t do “‘Z’s”!

Lately I am distracted with irregular working hours/days and seem to have lost the flow of writing . I need to think about what the next phase of my writing will be.

 One thing I have noticed is that I have not tried to write anything outside of my blog. I had ideas about writing stories and sending them to magazines and even putting together reading books for kids. I have just upgraded my computer and software to enable me to lift my game a bit!

I still love to read other people’s blogs!

cheers for now