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Just popped in to say hello!

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I haven’t written for a while. I keep meaning to and have had lots of ideas for posts (can’t remember what they were now!) There is a lot going on at present. I am leading two University of the Third Age courses (philosophy discussion group and learning about creativity). I have also signed up to an online photography course – Digital Photography masterclass. Hopefully in time you will see some improvement in my photos. For […]

Fun new app

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Recently I saw a post by a fellow blogger (sorry that I can’t remember your name) but they highlighted a new app called waterlogue that automatically converts photos into watercolour style images. I am trialling a copy of it at present and having fun with it. Here is an example of what it can do :).   The software is a bit flaky (or it could be me!) and I am learning through trial and […]

Weekly photo challenge: Let there be light

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I have chosen a selection of photos to show light in different forms. Enjoy 🙂 Lorraine Related articles weekly photo challenge: let there be light! ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Light ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light! ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Let […]

Weekly photo challenge: Movement

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At the beach this morning I saw a great candidate for this topic. It was the ripples in the sand caused by the movements of the waves. I didn’t bring my camera though! I thought, “I know. I have a great photo of a sand dune with a unique pattern caused by the wind. I searched my photo albums and couldn’t find it. We are not talking digital here! BUT, I did find several old […]