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Irreplaceable history is destroyed

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Baby Boomers / Blog 2013 / Friends and family / Political

Plinky Prompt: A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. How do you feel? Plinky prompt In 2010 I was shocked to hear that a fire destroyed the Claremont Council Chambers and Library. I am linked to the building through a family connection. One of my Mum’s family  traced her father’s and my Grandfather’s (Arthur King) ancestry. I learned that Arthur’s father, James King, was the first Mayor of […]

Magical guitar…

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As if by magic, you can now play the guitar with great skill. What is the first song you will play? A suggestion from Plinky Prompts There are so many songs I love but most of my favourites are Eagles songs. For this blog I have chosen Desperado. I hope you enjoy it. What song would you choose? Lorraine Related articles Plinky Prompt: Play It, Baby! ( Play it, baby! ( The Eagles – Hotel […]