Irreplaceable history is destroyed

Plinky Prompt: A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. How do you feel? Plinky prompt

In 2010 I was shocked to hear that a fire destroyed the Claremont Council Chambers and Library. I am linked to the building through a family connection. One of my Mum’s family  traced her father’s and my Grandfather’s (Arthur King) ancestry. I learned that Arthur’s father, James King, was the first Mayor of the City of Claremont in 1900. It turns out that I have lots of relatives in Western Australia that I didn’t know existed. My family is mostly in Victoria in the Eastern States.

My sisters and I visited the Chambers in 2006. I don’t believe they had changed much since 1900. We were able to find our Great Grandfather is some of the historical photos. The staff was very welcoming and accommodating. From there we went to see where they used to live on Stirling Highway. The original house still stands but is now used for business purposes.

So you can imagine my shock in hearing of the Chambers being destroyed. I haven’t been back to have a look at the damage. Hopefully they were able to salvage some of the history contained within its walls. See the story below…

Fire at Claremont Council Chambers

Magical guitar…

As if by magic, you can now play the guitar with great skill. What is the first song you will play? A suggestion from Plinky Prompts

There are so many songs I love but most of my favourites are Eagles songs. For this blog I have chosen Desperado. I hope you enjoy it.

What song would you choose?