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Day 15 Creativity Challenge

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30 day creativity challenge

For more information about my Challenge click HERE Task – Your Favourite Poem I first came across this poem in the early 1980’s when I started an Art’s course. I still enjoy it today. To His Coy Mistress Andrew Marvell – 1621-1678 Had we but world enough, and time,This coyness, Lady, were no crime.We would sit down and think which wayTo walk and pass our long love’s day.Thou by the Indian Ganges’ sideShouldst rubies find: I […]

On Gratitude

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I am doing a short course titled “Poetry Writing for Fun” through my local U3A. This week we were asked to write something using personification and repetition. Here is my attempt: I am Gratitude I gave her the ocean – She wants bigger waves. I gave her good health – She says she’s bored. I gave her friends – She asks for more. I gave her love – She seeks perfection. I gave her peace […]

The mind journey to work …

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I am startled awake by the alarm I get up and methodically eat and get ready for work I don’t want to go – not really – don’t feel up to it. I must go – just deal with getting to work Then deal with getting started Drive to my next location – notice the colours of the cars Be in the moment Be friendly and do what I have to do Remember that life […]

Once upon a skink :-)

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A skink is not a skunk No matter what you think Not even if you are truly drunk A skink is a skink as sure as ink is ink! Now a skunk is altogether different And never to be found Down-Under Skinks love my home, it is apparent How many live here – I wonder? Skinky One is drinking out the back Another sighted in the front this morning Reptilian friends – we have no lack You […]

A Special Gift

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A SPECIAL GIFT The pretty blue fairy wrens had nothing to do When one of them spotted a pretty blue stone One said “I will fly close and inspect it for you” He soon called out for help to carry it home. Just at that moment and very close by, a little girl is born She is very sick and might not live Her parents are indeed quite forlorn The fairy wrens decide they have […]

My favourite poem for this week

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When I set myself the task of finding a poem to post this week I had no idea how difficult it might be. Most of the poetry I found (and liked) was about death, grief and broken hearts and I didn’t want to go there. I am also a little nervous about posting poems that are subject to copyright. I think the one I have found overcomes these obstacles. It is called: DREAM Last night […]

Three poems by Edward Lear (1812-1888)

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I hope you enjoy these three little poems as much as I did :-). There Was an Old Man with a Beard There was an old man with a beard, Who said, “It is just as I feared!- Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nest in my beard! There was an Old Man in a Tree There was an old man in a tree, Who was horribly […]

Ode to Laughter

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I found this little poem in an old book of my mother’s called Philosopher’s Notebook. It was compiled by Monty Blandford and published by Hallcraft Publishing Company in 1952. ODE TO LAUGHTER A laugh is just like sunshine, It freshens all the day; It tips the peaks of life with light, And drives the clouds away. The soul grows glad that hears it, And feels its courage strong, A laugh is just like sunshine For […]

A poem: Magpies by Judith Wright

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Magpies / Poetry

Magpies Along the road the magpies walk with hands in pockets, left and right. They tilt their heads, and stroll and talk. In their well-fitted black and white. They look like certain gentlemen who seem most nonchalant and wise until their meal is served — and then what clashing beaks, what greedy eyes! But not one man that I have heard throws back his head in such a song of grace and praise — no […]

A poem from “Word From Home” – an Anthology

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Word from Home is an anthology of prose and verse compiled for THE KING’S FORCES by Lt. General Sir Tom Bridges and published by English University Press. I often pick up books that look interesting and this is one such book. It came out in 1940 and has a diverse range of poems and poets. I have selected one to share today.   It is called The Sunken Garden by Walter De La Mare. Speak not […]