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A poem: Magpies by Judith Wright

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Magpies Along the road the magpies walk with hands in pockets, left and right. They tilt their heads, and stroll and talk. In their well-fitted black and white. They look like certain gentlemen who seem most nonchalant and wise until their meal is served — and then what clashing beaks, what greedy eyes! But not one man that I have heard throws back his head in such a song of grace and praise — no […]

A poem from “Word From Home” – an Anthology

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Word from Home is an anthology of prose and verse compiled for THE KING’S FORCES by Lt. General Sir Tom Bridges and published by English University Press. I often pick up books that look interesting and this is one such book. It came out in 1940 and has a diverse range of poems and poets. I have selected one to share today.   It is called The Sunken Garden by Walter De La Mare. Speak not […]

Weekly photo challenge: Abandoned

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I wrote a poem this morning as part of the writing course I am doing. It just so happens that my school experience links with this week’s photo challenge. As it is a PHOTO challenge, I have chosen an old school photo to match the theme. I really DID feel abandoned on that day. It didn’t take long to get used to school, but I still didn’t enjoy it. I have only learned the joy […]

Poetry among the stained glass windows – a virtual opportunity to participate

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I haven’t written any poetry for years! I love to read other people’s  original works and may be tempted to write some of my own. Today’s blog presents a unique opportunity to take part in a writing exercise. There is special provision made for VIRTUAL participation. This is thanks to my neighbour, friend and fellow WordPress blogger, Ted. Your poem may be selected for inclusion in an anthology, the copyright of the poem remains with […]

Why blogging is important to me

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My blogging journey has a few twists and turns, steps forward and steps backwards, sometimes around in circles. It is true that I write to express some of my  inner most thoughts, feelings, fears and ideas, however I don’t want this blog to be one long rumination into “who am I and what am I doing here?” That is ok for a journal that I can write and no-one ever sees. My blog is for sharing […]

A poem by A.S.J. Tessimond

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Reading one of my poetry books today (Mainly Modern published by Rigby) I found a poem called Houses, that I would like to share with you. It is a bit obscure but I felt that the poets words said something important about the human condition. It is fairly dark and speaks to me about vulnerability. Can you see it from any other perspective? HOUSES People who are afraid of themselves multiply themselves into families and so […]

A time to remember those we love

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Image via Wikipedia Christmas time! We panic as the days and weeks fly by and we have so much to do. We have cards to send, presents to buy, people to visit. We worry that we may have forgotten someone or something. It can be a lonely and a sad time for some people who are far from those they love. I lived a long distance from my extended family however I always found ways […]

A poem from my past

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   I wrote this poem in 1986. I decided to share it through my blog today. I would love to start writing poetry again. Sometimes it is a vehicle for expressing feelings that are difficult to write about. This poem has no title. Your love, so new and fresh and giving Came to me Gave me a reason for living What joy, ecstasy… But now, gloom… The sky is grey, my heart aches It twists […]

The courage to love

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      In February 1988 I began to wonder in despair if I would ever find love again. I wrote these words: I had the courage to love I was touched by its exhilaration I was encompassed by its arms But no – it was only an illusion. The deep needs of my heart found a home in imagination. Why does love make such a difference? It is so bittersweet. So many tears have been […]

Clowning around

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Today I will share another poem with you. This one is by Phoebe Hesketh and is titled “Clown” in Poets and Poetry by Sadler/Hayllar/Powell. What emotions arise in you as you read it? CLOWN He was safe behind the whitened face and red nose of his trade, vocation more certain than doctor’s or priests to cheer and heal. Hidden away from himself he could always make us laugh turning troubles like jackets inside out, wearing […]