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My 500th blog post

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Today I celebrate my 500th blog posting! WOW! I started blogging on 28 December in 2010! This is what I had to say in my very first post: “I want to share my thoughts about life and its purpose. I want to pose questions that are eternal! Why are we here? Does it matter, what we do? Is my role in life predestined? When I was growing up, I was taught by nuns in the […]

A new take on the meaning of life

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I saw Steven Hawking on this TV  program recently (Steven Hawking Grand Design – The Meaning of Life). He said something that really made a lot of sense to me. I greatly admire the genius of Steven Hawking and many other scientists, however I can never accept scientific theory as 100% truth. History has taught me otherwise. Our learning evolves just as we do. What we believe today may be laughed at in another 50-100 […]

Weekly photo challenge: Surprise

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Early morning at the University  – I am not sure who was most surprised! Was it Wendy, the photographer, or the startled kangaroos? I got a big surprise yesterday when this little fellow was looking through the window at me! This cricket is not as monstrous as he looks in this photo. He just wants to share some of the excitement! I wonder if there are any more visitors lined up for me. Last year […]

Turning points

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Another year is nearly over! What happened to those goals for 2012? Did I meet them? Mostly not. Does it matter? Not really. Turning points are those moments when my thinking and/or behaviour changes significantly. New insight, new discoveries, outdated ideas, all contribute to turning points and fresh starts. 1. In my early 20’s I realised thinking of others instead of myself could actually bring more joy into my life. 2. At 30 I realised […]

A glimpse at a dream come true…

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Today I cleaned up my computer! You would not find my desk if my office filing was anything like my computer filing. You would not get in the door! It is easy hide electronic mess. I had folders labeled random docs, random excel docs, random PowerPoint docs! I had a My Documents folder that had a My Documents folder, that had My Other Documents folder….get the picture! Well, there are random pictures too! I decided […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

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My son Thru-Hiked on the Appalachian Trail  from Atlanta to Maine between March and September this year. Below is a link to his last blog which he called “At the end and reflection” ( I even get a mention :-)) Please click on the following LINK: At the end of the Appalachian Trail Hike  Joel reflects about his experience on the Trail. He had a great time. The photo below was taken at some point […]