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Retirement is not for sissies!

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… that goes for semi-retirement too! WARNING: I KNOW I THINK TOO MUCH – that is just how I am made! I left my full-time job in 2010 to move to the country. I have no regrets – best thing we ever did. Interestingly it has been a lot more challenging that I thought it would be. It is only recently that I came to see some of the underlying challenges. Here are some fears […]

Old advice is not always good advice …

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Many years ago I had an episode of depression and sought help from a therapist. There is one main piece of advice I have always remembered and it helped me tremendously over the years. The advice was keep involved and don’t stop doing things.Β At the time is was the exact opposite of what I felt like doing. I wanted to withdraw into a quiet space and tell the world to go away. I followed the […]

Weekly photo challenge: Beginning

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Today I was watering my garden when I noticed a new leaf on one of my Canna lilies. I always love to see new life unfolding in nature. There is a bit of a story about my Canna lilies. When I was a child we had them growing along the front fence of our home. Now I was a child that hated school and was fairly creative at finding ways to avoid it. One strategy […]