The mind journey to work …

I am startled awake by the alarm
I get up and methodically eat and get ready for work
I don’t want to go – not really – don’t feel up to it.
I must go – just deal with getting to work
Then deal with getting started
Drive to my next location – notice the colours of the cars
Be in the moment
Be friendly and do what I have to do
Remember that life is about love – be loving – be friendly
Pretend to be confident – no-one will know I am pretending
Enjoy the sunshine – relax into it
Drive to the next location
Try and do a good job – be loving
It gets easier as the day progresses
Healed by the warm sunshine and warm smiles
Do what I need to do – be kind
I am grateful for a good day.

Passionfruit flower PS

Spring time

Celebrating Spring! Here are few shots of my jasmine plant and some photos of flowers given to me recently by some friends visiting from Perth. I nearly always take photos of flowers so that I can enjoy them for much longer! The water feature looks a bit grotty but last time I cleaned it I found two big frogs and lots of tadpoles. I decided they have permission to stay!


I am very grateful for my family every day, but today was extra special. Wonderful to speak to each of my three sons and two grandsons, great lunch with Andrew and Rachelle and Rogue. And here are the flowers I got too …





We don’t have a Thanksgiving Day in Australia but I thought it a good topic to reflect on for today. I am thankful for many things (that I mostly take for granted). Here are some things that come to mind:

  • Good health and pain-free
  • A happy relationship with my amazing husband
  • Three adult sons and their wives and partners
  • Two gorgeous grandsons
  • Friends and family near and far
  • Bloggers all over the world that touch my life
  • I can see, hear, touch, smell, walk, use my hands for a multitude of actions
  • I am able to live in a peaceful environment
  • The Indian Ocean (Geographe Bay) is only 5-10 minutes walk from home
  • I have ample means to meet all my needs
  • I am free to vote for whom I want at Local, State and Federal elections and live in a democratic country
  • Access to all the technology I want
  • Freedom to choose about my spiritual beliefs and practices
  • More books than I will ever have time to read
  • Access to further education
  • Freedom to travel in Australia and most places overseas
  • Leisure time at my disposal allowing me to write blogs, take photos and enjoy my new vegetable garden
  • Access to all the facilities at the Lifestyle Village where I live
  • My home has access to heating and cooling air conditioners

Well, that is not bad for starters! Wishing folks in the USA a happy Thanksgiving and the rest of us, a day to be thankful for all our blessings.



Squirmy moments

Tooth section international

Tooth section international (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke very early this morning after an awful dream – one I have dreamed many times before – my teeth are falling out! On waking my first action involved doing a tooth stock-take! Thankfully they are all still there :-).

I couldn’t get back to sleep so I pondered the feelings behind the dream. They ranged from embarrassment, shame, panic and a wish to hide myself away. You know – those moments when you wish you could slide under the floor mat and disappear.

Wide awake by now, I reflected on some real life experiences when I felt like that. One that came to mind was a Sausage Sizzle fund-raiser I organised for Rotary (I was president at the time). I don’t claim to be an event organiser, however I have done quite a few since that time. It was a real flop – limited volunteer helpers and bad weather didn’t help. I did enjoy giving away the sausages and bread to some homeless shelters though.

The incident was bemoaned by members (who hadn’t helped on the day) and became a bench mark of what NOT TO DO! But HEY, I tried, which is more that many others did.

It is not unusual for me to take on tasks that are outside my comfort zone. Only problem is I expect myself to get a brilliant result first time. I am reminded of sports people who train for years before reaching a level of expertise but I expect so much more of myself!

What about you? Do you expect yourself to get 100% first time and feel like a failure if you don’t? It is a bit silly to think that way, isn’t it?





My closest friend

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

On the look out for whales in Geographe Bay in October

On the look out for whales in Geographe Bay in October

Someone who accepts me as I am

Encourages me when I doubt myself

Tells me I can meet my goals even when I am not sure what they are

Reminds me I am strong

Accepts me when I feel vulnerable

Listens to stories from the past and ideas for the future

Hugs me when I need love and affection

Makes me laugh often

Asks me about what is important to me

Remembers how I like my coffee

Enjoys fine dining or fish and chips with me

Shares his inner thoughts and ideas with me

Plans ways to keep me amused

And he does them all beautifully 🙂

If a picture tells a story, then what is the story behind this picture?


While sorting boxes of old photos I came across this one – perhaps it was one of my Mum’s, I don’t know. Written on the back are the words “My grateful thanks to you both”. It is not signed. What was the story behind it? He may be a relative as I didn’t know many of my mother’s brothers as they live some distance away. It is a rather serene yet serious photo.

What do you think the story could be?

One day when I get time…

OK I want to write a blog today but I don’t seem to have any ideas so I thought I would write anyway! It may lead to something or it may not.

I looked at my book-case for inspiration – ideas about writing, text books about writing, poetry books, books about self employment….

Then I thought, what about a list? How about a list of what can be found in my book-case? No, I got bored with the idea before I got started!

I think I need to find something more to do with my spare time. For years I worked full-time and I longed for the day when I didn’t have to set the alarm and I could get up and do whatever I wanted! It is a balancing act – finding enough interesting things to do without feeling over committed and time poor. Not working full-time gives me such a great opportunity to choose what I want to do.

OK, how about a list of what I would do if I had time (assuming that I don’t have time?) Yes, this calls for some CREATIVE writing 🙂

1. Learn calligraphy and use it on personal greeting cards

2. Write story books for my two grand sons – just for fun

3. Get fit and healthy – go to the gym, the pool, long walks by the beach…

4. Improve my cooking by learning new recipes

5. Get out of the house and look for wildflowers (it is wild flower season here)

6. Read some of those books I have promised myself to read ONE DAY

7. Go to a Nursery and buy some spring annuals to plant in the garden

8. Try writing some poetry – I haven’t done this for 20 years or more and I used to enjoy it

9. Do some random acts of kindness secretly

10. Take a series of photos – I had an idea the other day to take photos of inside of people’s garages – I think they say a lot about who we are (or aren’t) – all different, all ok!

Gosh, now that I have all these things to do, I don’t really have time to write a blog after all!