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The mind journey to work …

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Acceptance / beautiful / love

I am startled awake by the alarm I get up and methodically eat and get ready for work I don’t want to go – not really – don’t feel up to it. I must go – just deal with getting to work Then deal with getting started Drive to my next location – notice the colours of the cars Be in the moment Be friendly and do what I have to do Remember that life […]

Spring time

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beautiful / flowers / Frogs / gardening / Gratitude / Nature / Western Australia

Celebrating Spring! Here are few shots of my jasmine plant and some photos of flowers given to me recently by some friends visiting from Perth. I nearly always take photos of flowers so that I can enjoy them for much longer! The water feature looks a bit grotty but last time I cleaned it I found two big frogs and lots of tadpoles. I decided they have permission to stay!


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Acceptance / Friends and family / Gratitude / Meaning of life and that stuff / Wisdom

We don’t have a Thanksgiving Day in Australia but I thought it a good topic to reflect on for today. I am thankful for many things (that I mostly take for granted). Here are some things that come to mind: Good health and pain-free A happy relationship with my amazing husband Three adult sons and their wives and partners Two gorgeous grandsons Friends and family near and far Bloggers all over the world that touch […]

Squirmy moments

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Acceptance / Dreams / I believe that... / I feel... / Meaning of life and that stuff / Wisdom too late / You must be kidding?

I woke very early this morning after an awful dream – one I have dreamed many times before – my teeth are falling out! On waking my first action involved doing a tooth stock-take! Thankfully they are all still there :-). I couldn’t get back to sleep so I pondered the feelings behind the dream. They ranged from embarrassment, shame, panic and a wish to hide myself away. You know – those moments when you […]

My closest friend

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beautiful / Blog 2013 / Friends and family / Gratitude / love / Wisdom

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…” Someone who accepts me as I am Encourages me when I doubt myself Tells me I can meet my goals even when I am not sure what they are Reminds me I am strong Accepts me when I feel vulnerable Listens to stories from the past and ideas for the future Hugs me when I need love and affection Makes me laugh often Asks me about what is […]

If a picture tells a story, then what is the story behind this picture?

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Blog 2013 / Friends and family / Motivation

While sorting boxes of old photos I came across this one – perhaps it was one of my Mum’s, I don’t know. Written on the back are the words “My grateful thanks to you both”. It is not signed. What was the story behind it? He may be a relative as I didn’t know many of my mother’s brothers as they live some distance away. It is a rather serene yet serious photo. What do […]

One day when I get time…

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Blog 2012 / Motivation / Poetry / Self acceptance

OK I want to write a blog today but I don’t seem to have any ideas so I thought I would write anyway! It may lead to something or it may not. I looked at my book-case for inspiration – ideas about writing, text books about writing, poetry books, books about self employment…. Then I thought, what about a list? How about a list of what can be found in my book-case? No, I got […]