Life and Groceries

For many months I ordered my weekly grocery shopping online and had it delivered to my kitchen benchtop. For a number of reasons I returned to shopping in store.

It was interesting to note that I stopped purchasing many of the items that were on “my usuals” list online. Going back to the store meant more options and opportunities to change habits.

It occurred to me that life is a bit like that! I can get into a groove (rut) and follow the “my usuals” list of how I live my life day to day. I can get stuck doing the same things just because I have a narrow view of my options.

It is easy to just do the same things from week to week. However getting out and seeing what else the world has to offer can add a new flavour to our days.
September 2015 garden 004

Global grocery shopping

This is probably a bit ‘out there’ but I thought it might be interesting to see what other people around the world (i.e. other bloggers) get in their weekly grocery order. I thought it could have a multicultural flavour to it and we could get a comparative idea about the cost of living in different places.

shopping list

This list is recent and includes some special items for Christmas puddings and caters for some anticipated guests as well. I also get my groceries delivered and get the printed list above. I do confess to our weekly indulgence of chocolate and peanuts but I don’t smoke or drink :-).

What do you think? How does my diet compare to yours? Want to share your list? I feel quite vulnerable in a silly way, by sharing my shopping list. I would feel much more comfortable talking about the meaning of life …




The bacon came home

back bacon, better known as pork loin chops

back bacon, better known as pork loin chops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My groceries are delivered to my kitchen bench. It sure beats pushing a trolley around the supermarket isles. Sometimes I get the orders wrong such as getting eight bags of potatoes instead of eight potatoes. Sometimes things are missing. The Customer Care service is pretty good. I just ring them and tell them if they have made a mistake and they credit it off my account next time.

Today I received half a kilo of bacon that I didn’t order and wasn’t charged. What should I do? Ring them up and tell them or just put it in the fridge and ignore their mistake? I always try to be honest but this situation challenged me a little. I didn’t think they would want to bring the truck back to my place to pick up the bacon. Maybe the driver would be penalised for his mistake…

I decided to make the call to keep a clear conscience. Not surprisingly they asked me if I would be able to use the bacon and I said yes. They said it would be too difficult for them to track down where the bacon was meant to go so I am able to keep it and use it at no cost – and without feeling guilty 🙂