Daily Post Topic: Disaster

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry!

I prepared dinner in my trusty cooker (3 in 1 – pressure, slow cooker and steamer). There was a big pot of chilli con carne. It has handles on the side so, when ready, I went to lift it to another bench to serve it up.

cooking pot.png

Disaster! I only got as far as the kitchen sink and it wouldn’t go any further because I hadn’t unplugged from the powerpoint. As I tried to regain control it tipped on its side and most of the contents went into the kitchen sink!

There was just enough left in the pot for our meal. The cooker is a casualty as it has a big dent in its side where it collided with the sink!

Guess my mind was off with the fairies and I wasn’t focused on what I was doing. Lesson learned … when cooking dinner, just cook dinner!


To Sleep – Perchance to Dream


We DO spend a lot of our time either sleeping or trying to get to sleep. It can be so variable.

  • There is that lovely feeling of slipping into another zone while relaxed and reading a book.
  • Then there are nights that sleep won’t come not matter what I do. I get up and have a snack and rest on the lounge until I feel sleepy and then slip back to bed again.
  • Sometimes I experience lucid dreaming. I realise in my dream that I am dreaming and that I can choose what I want to happen. It is great fun but doesn’t occur very often.
  • Sometimes I have nightmares. My most recent series involves being in a head-on collision. I am very pleased when I wake and realise I am only dreaming.
  • I sometimes have really mystical type dreams and wake up feeling inspired and happy.
  • Most of the time my sleep is fairly ordinary – which is a great thing – that is what I want it to be 🙂